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Anthony Shaw anthonysaw Project Admin/Developer anthonyshaw [at] users.sourceforge.net
Marcello Ceschia marcelloceschia Project Admin/Developer (Trunk) marcelloceschia [at] users.sourceforge.net
Scotchy scotchy Project Admin/Developer scotchy [at] users.sourceforge.net
David Dederscheck davidded Project Manager/Developer (Trunk) davidded [at] users.sourceforge.net
Andrew Lee andrewylee Developer andrewylee [at] users.sourceforge.net
Diederik de Groot ddegroot Content Management (Trunk) ddegroot [at] users.sourceforge.net
Frederico Antulli fsantulli Developer (Stable Maintainer) fsantulli [at] users.sourceforge.net
Geoff Thornton gthornton Developer gthornton [at] users.sourceforge.net
macdiver macdiver Developer macdiver [at] users.sourceforge.net
Sebastian Vetter sebbbl Doc Writer sebbbl [at] users.sourceforge.net
Romain Bignon progs Developer progs [at] users.sourceforge.net

Scot has been developing software for more than 18 years and resides in the United States. His first computer was an IBM PC (8080) which he started to write BASIC programs on. Over the years many software changes and languages change so he continued to expand on his knowledge and picked up C, Pascal, Visual Basic, C++, Java, C# and countless other languages that only provide use to the employer he was working for at the time.