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Chan_SCCP-b is a replacement Channel Driver for chan_skinny in the Asterisk Channel Driver Library. It delivers better performance, scalability, interoperability and functionality than either chan_skinny or chan_sip on a SCCP/Skinny capable phone.

The Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP/Skinny) is a proprietary network terminal control protocol originally developed by Selsius Corporation (Taken over by Cisco). The term "Skinny" reflects that SCCP is a simple and uncomplicated ("lightweight") protocol requiring relatively little computer processing.

We are proud to present the stable release of Chan_SCCP-b V4.2. It can be used with multiple asterisk versions (asterisk-1.6.2 up till asterisk-13).

Chan_SCCP-b V4.2 has undergone major changes, for example:

  • Redesigned asterisk version independence layer (pbx_impl)
  • Redesigned sccp.conf parser
  • Redesigned hint handling
  • Native Conferencing with XML ConfList Support
  • Atomic Reference Counting for memory management
  • Extended / Corrected CLI/AMI Functions
  • Improved codec managament
  • Improved RTP Handling
  • Improved DTMF Handling
  • Initial Multi channel directrtp
If you would like to help us test and improve this latest version (which has already proven to be the most stable version yet), go ahead and check out V4.2 from our subversion repository.

We are still looking for Developers, Documentation Maintainers and People to help us out with User Support. So if you are interrested in joining a fun project, signup now !


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